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We Hope You Enjoy Our Website Purely Devoted To Hot Peppers, Lovers Of Hot Sauces And Those That Love To Grow Them Like Us. We Welcome You To Browse Our Pages And Hope You Try Our Sauces.



We grow, process and bottle our own brands of hot sauce. Limited quantities may be seasonally available.

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Jeff's Incredible Kick Your Ass Hot Sauce

SEEDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE We apologize, but due to the horrible 2009 season, we aren't offering any seeds for sale at this time. The seed page is online for information purposes only until later this year.

Due to popular demand, we are now selling the seeds from our peppers so you may grow them yourselves. Seeds are limited in availability and we do sell them on eBay too. (username lansdryman)

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Here are the safe handling tips that we implore you to read. There are also some recipes of ours too.

Safe Handling And Recipes

PEPPER DATABASE Here's a list and description of the peppers that we have grown in our garden. Please excuse our dust as the page is functional, but under construction. Pepper Database
GARDEN PHOTOS 2007 SEASON Season 2007 was average. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Total output was about 7 gallons of prepared sauces. Click Here For  Season 2007 Garden Pictures 
GARDEN PHOTOS 2008 SEASON Season 2008 was pretty darn good and we added a lot of  different peppers into the mix. Spring was reallll late this year and the growing season was cut wayyy short by early frosts and cold. We were a bit disappointed with some of the new chilies we tried and overly impressed by others. for some reason the Naga Bhut's didn't like to be crowded this time and they kept dying off one by one throughout the year and we found out why. We were also very sadly disappointed by the Bells that we grew and out of the 15 Bell plants, we only got about 40 peppers total- ouch, not the best season. Click Here For Season 2008 Garden Pictures 
  GARDEN PHOTOS 2009 SEASON Here are some pictures of the 2009 season. We will be adding more of them as the season goes along

Click Here For Season 2009 Garden Pictures 



If you think for one minute that you can't grow your own hot pepper garden in a small space, you haven't tried. We grow ours in planter boxes and pots with a space of only 6'x13' and usually have about 200 plants in them and we start them all indoors over winter. You will also find our germination tips here.

Small Space Gardening Tips And Tricks

Some Of Our Secrets.


Now that you have a garden prospering, what do you do with your peppers before you process them?  How about having some fun with them? That's what we thought too and thought it would be fun to take some pictures of peppers and make them into art. (please note that pages 3, 4 and 5 are under construction and should be up shortly)

  This pepper art gallery isn't for those that don't appreciate art and humor. It contains a lot of pictures and a few adult references but only if you use your imagination.



In here you'll find some pictures of the preparation process that we go through with most of the harvested jalapeno peppers. Jalapeno Preparation
  TESTIMONIALS FROM SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS Do you want to see what some of our customers have to say about our hot sauces??? We thought you did, so why not take a look. Testimonials
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Now for some more fun. Come and join our message boards where you can discuss gardening tips, swap seeds, recipes, ideas, research problems and more. Registration is quick and free, so come and take a peek around. You do not have to register to look, but do have to do so to post questions or to reply. Message Board


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