Hello, Here's a little introduction of what you are viewing. We've grown, processed and bottled our own brands of hot sauce since 1997. It's only made once annually and once it's gone it's gone until next year. No matter how hard we've tried, we haven't been able to duplicate the exact flavor from year to year and that makes our hot sauces special since it's never quite the same. Admittedly, some years are hotter than others, but as a rule stays about the same. The way we create it is not to be used as a chip and dip sauce, unless you are brave, but more of a concentrate for cooking or a base for making your own salsa. We don't just throw stuff in a bottle and sell it, anyone can do that. Certain peppers are dried, some are used fresh, and some we take extra steps and prepare even further. We use only the finest peppers and spices from our garden for my sauces but do have to purchase some store bought ingredients as we don't distill our own vinegar or grow our own lemons and such. The way Jeff's Incredible Kick Your Ass Hot Sauce© hits you is unique and it happens in stages and various stimulations of the senses. We'd like to consider our sauces organic since we don't use fillers or preservatives and we don't add chemical hormones. We do use a standard Miracle-Gro mix once a month since they are in containers and the peppers will deplete the soil's nutrients 10 times faster than if they were planted in the ground. This is to supplement the fish meals and other organics used. We never use pesticides other than ladybugs, praying mantis and lacewing larvae to control pests.  

We've made "Jeff's Incredible Kick Your Ass Hot Sauce©" since day one and dabble with various other specialties on occasion. 

Due to popular demand, for season 2008(available early 2009) We're going to add a salsa style to our line of sauces. 

We already use 20% of our garden output making A Mother's Revenge© so we're not sure how that's going to work. Since we don't want to disrupt our mainstays in the process, we're only going to make maybe 10 bottles of the salsa just to try it out and test the market a bit. This season should produce us about no more than 15 bottles of A Mother's Revenge and about 65 bottles of Jeff's Incredible Kick Your Ass Hot Sauce© Not a good season for production numbers, but it is going to be very hot for sure with the "newbies" we added this year. 

We have a good sized clientele that includes many repeat offenders, ahhh... I mean customers. A few mini markets and restaurants also incorporate our goods into their menu items. This sauce is especially popular with the Hispanic/Latino community and is available at a few Super Mercado's too. I also take part in monthly farmer markets until stock is gone. That usually is only a few times as we always sell out quickly. With this low capacity of volume for the 2008 season, you can bet we'll sell out quickly so don't dilly dally around..



Average Crops-- Season 11

Not bad, but not spectacular, season 2008 was average in production. We did have have a major upset of sorts with balcony work being done above us. They we're careful for sure, but accidents happen and a slipped piece of wood and we lost 20 plants. A vole also found it's way into one of the flower boxes and damaged the roots, killing the plants. It was weird how it happened and we didn't understand what was going on. One by one from the left to the right, the plants started dying out and dying fast. by the time we figured out what was going on, we could only save two of the eight plants in it. 

We used, actually he used, his own form of organic pesticide to get the vole out. It's called Yin yang and he's our "varmint" gardener. He uses the finest non man-made methods known. We don't know exactly if it burrowed away or was taken for a drive by our gardener, but it was gone. You see, Yin yang is our Norwegian Forest Cat and he's a very good hunter/gardener. Chicago's weather was also tricky and spring was real late and winter real early. The 2008 season was probably the shortest one I remember and started it mid May and ended mid-October. By Halloween, all the plants were done-literally. ---Ouch-- That allowed us to have less than 5 months for the growing season and a lot of our real hot peppers suffered immensely with the accidents.  The 2008 season has given us just under 2,300 peppers from 36 different strains. That's a record for number of varieties ladies and gentlemen. Not bad for a garden just over 80 Sq. Feet, but certainly not the record in production set in 2002 with 4,600+ peppers. Our spices rocked but some of the tubers like horseradish didn't fair so well either. Specifically three varieties that we planted didn't even flower and were more or less wasting space; They were the Balloon Hot Bells, the Peter Peppers and the Super Cayenne varieties. The Donne Sali, Bulgarian Carrot and the Fatali strains never even made it into the garden as not a single seed sprouted in the greenhouse over winter. 

We have our mainstay of pepper varieties that are usually grown and some new variants this year for an extra tangy kick. Below are the peppers  that were grown this season and are ranked from top to bottom, first to last in their "sweetness to hotness."      

Sweet Peppers: Golden Sunshine, Chocolate Bell, Pimento, Yellow Bell, Gypsy, Sweet Cherry and Sweet Banana.

Medium Peppers:  Anaheim, Hot Apple, Pepperoncini, Hungarian Hot Yellow, Garden Salsa, Jalapeño, Italian Roasters, Black Jalapeño, Robustini, Black Hungarian, and Long Cayenne.

Hot Peppers: Serrano, Red Chili, Black Pearls, Cayenne, Dragon Claw, Habanero (Scotch Bonnets), Super Chili, Tabasco, Caribbean Red Hot, Chocolate Habanero, Nuke-O™,De Arbol , Lemon Drop, Firecracker, Tepín, Yellow Mushroom, Peruvian (White) Habanero and the infamous Naga Bhut Jolokai.


Ordering Information


Even though this website is up year round, our hot sauces are only available seasonally from January to May or when supplies are diminished. We will mark the appropriate ones "Sold-Out" when they are no longer available locally or online.


 Local Availability:  The suggested retail is $5.00 for an 8 oz bottle and A Mother's Revenge is sold in 10 oz. bottles for $9.00 suggested retail. The prices may seem high, but don't forget our sauces are almost double the actual size content wise, more concentrated and not watery. They're available locally at a few select locations and will sell out completely before June as a general rule. E-mail us for details of local availability in the Chicagoland area.

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