Here are a few pictures of jalapeno preparation for you to enjoy. These pictures are from season 2007.



Here's a small batch of jalapeno peppers that are ready to be sectioned before they're smoked. We usually do about 5 pounds this way and it's most of the Jalapeno production from the season. After they've all been cut, We layer them on cooking sheets and put them in the oven until they're almost blackened. We then add a Pyrex container full of water and hickory wood chips and put it in the bottom of the oven.
This is 2 quarts full of the smoked and dried jalapeno chips. Once these are ground to powder, a full 5 pounds worth of fresh peppers will fit into an 8oz coffee cup. Although these aren't the jalapenos', this 1 quart container is full of a whole world of hurt from dried and ground red peppers and such. I'd guess somewhere near about 1500 peppers in this bowl.


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