Here are some safe handling tips and a few of my favorite recipes.

Safe Handling Tips

Due to the nature of our sauces and the creation process, they won't mold or spoil and have a shelf-life of three years or greater, but usually it's used up by then. Refrigeration is not necessary, but we do recommend it for maximum freshness and it will thicken up when cooled. Always shake before using as the contents will settle. Our sauces are fully pasteurized, professionally prepared and vacuum sealed with Ball/Mason jars or in the case of A Mother's Revenge, a vacuum sealed 10 oz cherry jar.

Be especially careful with touching sensitive parts of your body after handling the sauce. Wash your hands thoroughly after contact with a degreasing dishwashing soap. Remember capsaicin is  the active ingredient that gives a pepper it's oomph. Capsaicin is also an oil and plain water and lotion type soaps will just smear it around. This also brings up an urban myth about drinking water helps to reduce the heat in your mouth. WRONG, in fact, even though water may temporarily ease the hurt, it will only spread the joy around even further. Try bread, milk, crackers or cheese instead of water and please, please, keep this away from young children.

Our hot sauces will stain clothes, counter tops, wood and most all plastics. We don't suggest storing or using plastics with our sauces, nor do we suggest using metal, especially true silver, unless you're trying to clean them up:)  A bit of common sense is involved here as with any other "dangerous" household product. Feel free to ask us any questions and we'll get right back to you as soon as we can.


Now for the good part, MY recipes-grrrrrr.

Sorry sweetie, these are mine, mine, mine and no one can have them ever. I made them, I use them and they're mine, mine mine. Oh, OK, I guess I can share a few--grrrrr. 

These recipes are of my own creation and I really don't care if you copy them, rename them, print them, enter the cooked recipe in a contest, give them away, burn them, alter them or whatever. All I ask that you give me the credit that I'm due by mentioning my sauce as an ingredient if you use it and just say some cool guy gave me this recipe. I also ask that you do not use my recipe names and call them your own. A recipe cannot be copyrighted, but a name can and is as are mine, so please show me due respect and don't steal them :)- Thank You...


3 Mile Island Chicken Delight©


Here is the list of ingredients you need for this incredibly hot and tasty treat.


a few tablespoons of my hot sauce

black pepper

lemon juice

pineapple or orange juice (pineapple preferred)

olive oil

3 or 4 skinless chicken breasts

flour or cornstarch


In a non-metal container put in Jeff's Incredible Kick You Ass Hot Sauce© (more or less to preference) lemon juice and pineapple or orange juice, mix well.


After mixed, add an equal amount of olive oil and mix once again. Try to have an equal amount of oil and juice/pepper solution.


Place the chicken breasts in the solution and cover, put in refrigerator for 15 minutes, take a fork and lightly poke holes into, but not through the chicken, DON'T overdo it. Continue to marinade, stirring and turning occasionally for another 45 minutes. 


Since I always BBQ these, I've only included grilling instructions, but you can also pan-fry, broil or bake.


Put chicken on low heat (not flaming) charcoals and prepare the marinade.


While cooking the chicken- put marinade solution in a sauce pan and boil it for a good 3 minutes under a medium heat. DON'T USE MARINADE UNLESS IT IS BOILED. Stir occasionally and add some more hot sauce and continue to boil.


Once the marinade solution is boiled, turn off the heat and add some flour or corn starch. Corn starch has twice the "thickening" power. Add a little at a time and stir till it starts to thicken slightly then pour into a cool serving dish/boat.


Once the chicken is ready, remove from the grill and lightly dust both sides of the chicken with black pepper using a spoon to push the pepper into the chicken.  Pour the marinade/gravy solution over the chicken. Usually at the same time I am cooking my Hometowne Veggiemix


This recipe works with pork or steak too, so experiment to find your taste. ©JB-01


Hometowne Veggiemix©                                        


-------quickie method-------

1 can whole small potatoes drained.

1 small can of mushrooms

1 small can of sliced carrots


---longer method, but preferred---

Use fresh vegetables instead. Steam if possible, if not then boil until softened. The carrots will take the longest.


Combine butter, chives, sage, sweet basil and a touch of rosemary in a bowl with the vegetables until all are coated with the spices.  Be sure to use real butter and not margarine, etc... Use enough butter that you have made a "paste". 


Wrap in aluminum foil seam up and shiny side on the inside and place on the grill. Open and stir on occasion, every 15 minutes, be careful of the steam.  Once the liquid boils away mostly, they are done. Remove from heat and let stand covered in foil for a few minutes.


You can pour sauce gravy or otherwise on the vegetables too, put I prefer them to be as they are cooked.





So, You want a little taste of what I go through when I make my hot sauce, huh? Well I'll give you one of the many steps of my recipe.  !!!!!WARNING---THIS COULD BE DISCOMFORTING TO SOME---  I suggest you experiment first with some mild peppers to see how it affects you, then you can try and experiment with the hotter ones. Any pepper works for this but I usually use "Green" peppers such as: Spanish Spice, Garden Salsa, Serrano, Anaheim, and Poblano. I generally don't "smoke" hot peppers together with mild peppers, but I do warn you, preparing smoking and powderizing hot peppers, can be very very painful. Wear cooking gloves, have plenty of fresh air, and a moist bandana around nose & mouth, I also suggest goggles. Even if you are very careful, without protection I can assure you that "HOT" will happen. Trust me when I say a flying seed in the eye is quite painful.  This will create a very smoky flavored seasoning addition, and depending on how you finish chopping, will also alter the outcome.  First you will need at least 1 pound of peppers chop the peppers into small pieces, the smaller the pieces the faster they will smoke. I personally use a glass cutting board and a pizza cutter and slice into very small pieces.  Heat the oven to 150-170 degrees. Using a gas oven, keep door shut, on an electric oven or toaster, prop the door open about 1 inch.   Place the peppers along the bottom of a large Teflon, steel, or glass cooking sheet, DON'T use an aluminum pan, and spread them out.  Cook like this for a good hour, occasionally stirring.  Once you note that they are starting to wrinkle and curl, turn the heat up to 350 degrees. By this time you should smell the peppers in the kitchen cooking. Check every 15 minutes and stir occasionally once the oven gets to 350 degrees and continue cooking for a good hour.  Turn oven down to 200 degrees and just wait until they are brownish. This could be 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type and quantity of peppers used.  Once they start to get crunchy take out of the oven and place on a clean cutting surface. I use a glass cutting board and a coffee cup to roll over them and crush to a powder. BE WARNED about the airborne powder at this point.  Well there you go ---"Ashed Remains"©--- I hope you like it and remember, a little goes a long way.  For storage purposes a spice container works well or any other airtight container. To maintain longer shelf live, I suggest to keep refrigerated or frozen if you don't plan on using for a while.  One pound of peppers will yield about ¼ cup powder. ©JB-01


---NAPALM MARINADE©---  This is a basic recipe for making a marinade or spicy salad dressing. You will need a glass jar, I use old Tabasco™,A-1 Steak Sauce™, soy sauce or other various bottles that have a shaker top with a screwed on lid. For best results use a 12 oz. jar. The following recipe will make approximately 1 cup.  In a small saucepan combine ¾ cup of peanut oil (you may use olive oil) and a ¼ cup of dark sesame seed oil. slow cook on a low-med heat for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and immediately add 1½ tablespoons of flaked red peppers, a small pinch of whole mustard seeds or coriander, and 1 clove. Cover and let stand for about 9 hours. Using a funnel and a coffee filter, strain the mixture into a clean bottle. Add a few whole dried or fresh peppers into the bottle and enjoy:)  ©JB-01




This is a simple recipe that is good for a marinade or for a cool refresher on a "hot" day  Use a 2 quart pitcher for this basic recipe. Increase or decrease proportionately if needed.  Ingredients:


½ cup sugar

6½ cups water

¾ cup of lemon juice, fresh squeezed is preferred, about 3 lemons. lemon juice concentrate works well.

2-4 Jalapeno Peppers depending on the size of the peppers. Remove stems and chop them up, seeds and all. 


Directions: Dissolve the sugar in ½ cup water, DON'T boil, just simmer on a low heat.  Pour the remaining 6 cups of COLD water in the pitcher with the lemon juice and the jalapenos. 


 After the sugar is dissolved, combine into the pitcher.  Refrigerate for 1-3 hours.


WARNING----below is a scale of hot factor. 

1 hour low to medium

2 hours medium to hot

3 hours hot

3+ hours--- well let's just say the more time the ingredients react with one another, the hotter it gets:) In other words if you make it "mild" and keep the unused portions in the fridge, then it won't be mild when you use it next time.  When you feel it is ready, simply strain into a glass using a coffee filter, or it you like, drink it with the peppers.  If using as a marinade, wait till 2 hours setting time, then start the marinating process, in about 1 hour you will be done with chicken or pork. With Beef, I would suggest no less than 3 hours. Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator while marinating to avoid bacteria growth and always keep tightly sealed.  ©JB-01


Meteor Storms© 


These tasty little treats aren’t for the faint-hearted. They will add spice to any pasta dish, or if you dare, a meatball sandwich. I make a lot of them at one time and store the rest in the freezer until I need them. The ingredient list below is for 1 batch.                          


You will need the following ingredients/supplies:


un-greased small (mini) or medium muffin pan (s) Do not use baking cups.

aluminum foil

glass jar with a tight seal lid

basting brush


1 pound ground beef and or pork.(85% lean at least)

(You may also use ground turkey)

1 egg

2 slices of finely crumbed fresh bread, crust and all

up to ¼ cup of chopped green peppers (I prefer sweet orange peppers)

up to ¼ cup chopped onions (I prefer red onions)

Jeff’s Incredible Kick Your Ass Hot Sauce ©

Spices: (use to your preference, but don’t over do it) oregano, sage, salt, black pepper


Preheat oven to 350°

In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients except the hot sauce into a bowl, and knead together thoroughly with your hands. I suggest using plastic non-coated or non-powdered gloves for those that don’t wish to use their bare hands. Either way, wash your hands thoroughly after you are finished.


After all ingredients are mixed, add hot sauce to your preference. If you find that the “lump” isn’t as thick, then add more bread. If it is too thick, then add more sauce, or plain ketchup. After the sauce is mixed in form into meatball and place into the muffin pan(s). Don’t make the meatballs too large. They should be almost as round as the pan that is holding them, but still having enough room for the grease. Using extremely lean meat is the best way to go. I never use less than 85%.


Bake at 350° for about 40 minutes. I have never used mini-muffin pans with this recipe, so you should decrease the total cooking time for them. Since I generally have 4 medium muffins pans (24 total) I check on them at 1 hour cooking time.


----CAREFUL---Tear off an oversized sheet of aluminum foil. Remove the pans from the oven and place over the muffin pans, tightly sealing the top and the bottom of the pans. Make sure you have a good grip and flip the pan over and rest on a flat surface. Slowly open the foil and drain the grease into the glass jar. As soon as the grease is drained, carefully lift the muffin pan and turn upright. The “Meteors” should still be”stuck” to the pan, if not, then simply place back in the pan. Baste more hot sauce all over the “Meteors” and place back into oven for an additional 30 minutes. You may also use plain ketchup.


Once finished use a fork or a spoon and remove from the pans and place on a plate. If freezing them, wait until cooled then put them in plastic wrap or container and freeze. Makes about 6-8 “Meteors”


The grease saved in the jar can be used later as a marinade or to spice up eggs or just about anything when you need it. Just seal it and keep it in the refrigerator.

  JB ‘00


Well, we hope you enjoyed and or will enjoy these recipes and use your imagination. Add some sauce to deviled eggs for an extra kick. Remove the pimento pepper in green olives, add a touch of sauce then stuff it back in. Mix in a little sauce and chopped peppers and make hot cookies. You get the idea. Oh we almost forgot; are you stuffed up a little? Put a little in a pan of water and bring to a steam and carefully inhale. Our sauces, not our salsas, are powerful enough to to apply as topical lotions too when mixed in with lotions too.


Please use our sauces carefully and intelligently and we hope you'll enjoy them and use them at your own risk :)


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